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Unlock Access to Your Legacy Data Without Converting It!


  • As the financial industry is consolidating…
    • Legacy image archives continue to grow…
      • Risk and costs to maintain legacy data archives are increasing…
        • Audit and compliance issues are driving up expense...


Whether your company is consolidating systems from a merger, growing through acquisitions, assuming image data due to FDIC closure or switching system vendors, converting image archives to existing solutions is a time consuming and expensive process whether you outsource or handle it internally.

Data Migration OmniviewWith the I/DC OmniView Universal Image Browser you can access your legacy data to simply view it without having to convert the image files. If you are looking for one universal browser that can view any and all types of image data, then I/DC has a more cost effective, efficient and timely solution. Or if you prefer to actually convert the data we can provide the conversion programs required to reformat the legacy data for import into any archive system.


The OmniView Universal Image Browser offers a hybrid option so you can view data and selectively convert. Have you ever needed only certain files or groups of documents from a legacy data base? With older technologies you faced the cost, time and hassle of converting the entire data base in order to access only a portion of the data/images. But with OmniView you now have the option of viewing the entire database and then selecting only the data to be converted.


Save cost, time and aggravation with the OmniView Universal Image Browser :

  • Access legacy or any data without converting – Just View It
  • Research from multiple archives with one browser
  • Eliminate upload fees
  • Significantly reduce time to access legacy images
  • No mapping or uploading issues
  • Multi-institution archive and research functionality


The OmniView Universal Image Browser allows you to:

  • Maintain all legacy image data in one archive and eliminate legacy systems
  • Reduce cost by eliminating the need to maintain proprietary legacy software and hardware
  • Maintain compliance using current computing technology
  • Eliminate risk – no need to maintain obsolete software and hardware
  • Improve operational efficiency and lower cost by expediting image inquiries 
  • Eliminate audit and compliance retention issue
  • Maintain current disaster recovery plan and keep data secure

Let us tell you more about how we can reduce your overall cost of accessing and maintaining legacy data.


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